Floyd Reed 3

Floyd Reed, III brings a wealth of experience to the realm of real estate, having been a licensed Arkansas Sales Associate since the early 2000s. He began as a top producer within his agency, but when faced with the challenges of a market crash, Floyd Reed, III fearlessly embarked on new ventures. Yet, as the saying goes, all journeys lead back to one’s roots.

Currently, Floyd Reed, III is actively engaged in the real estate arena, collaborating with his father, Floyd Reed Jr., and his sister, Kaci Johnson. Together, they are committed to upholding the family tradition in the ever-evolving landscape of real estate.

A native of Springdale, Arkansas, Floyd Reed, III has embraced Rogers as his home, where he resides with his pride and joy, his son. Beyond the realm of real estate, he finds joy in hobbies, particularly classic Chevy cars, and cherishes moments spent with his family.

For those seeking unparalleled customer service coupled with a keen listener and visionary, Floyd is your go-to person. Reach out today and experience the difference Floyd Reed, III can make in your real estate journey!

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